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tv   Action News  ABC  February 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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inside the place that may host the pope when he visits philadelphia a next. yes, it is extremely cold outside. and the very high wind are making it feel down right painful. but driving is also a potential problem because roads made wet by our wintry mix earl will tore day are now frozen over, and please be
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careful out there. monday night the big story on "action news" tonight is winter weather woes for the the tri-state area and those wows can be deadly. for instance the the the conditions are partly to blame for at least one death tonight. police say that high wind toppled a tree on to a car that was driving along sproles road in radnor delaware county. the driver of the white camry swerved in the opposite lane and hit a vehicle head on. he died at the hospital. the person in the on coming car was not hurt. the falling tree also took down electrical lines near sunny hill lane knocking out power to nearly 90 customers. police expect the road to be closed through the morning rush. high wind also snapped several utility poles on park side avenue in the wind field section of philadelphia peco crew were on the scene near bryn mawr avenue making repairs and, expecting other poles for damage. lincoln drive-in philadelphia was shut down for a time tonight because of icy
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conditions. police diverted all traffic between gypsy lane and rittenhouse, so salt trucks could coat the roads. the streets department is deploying 30 salt trucks a across the city tonight. let's go outside to meteorologist cecily tynan for all of the frigid facts and figures from accu weather cecily. >> it helps to be standing outside on a night-light tonight with a combination of the plunging temperatures and how long wind. you can certainly hear the wind tonight. philadelphia reporting a peak wind gust of 46 miles per hour newtown square 54, atlantic city 51. cape may 52. the florence and burlington county reporting a peak wind gust of 54 miles per hour. the right now temperatures are dropping very fast. it is 24 degrees in philadelphia a20 in reading and lancaster. twenty-five in millville. sixteen in allentown. seventeen in trenton. factor in the winds, the wind chill the way it feels nine in philadelphia. zero in allentown. two in trenton. feels like 6 degrees in
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reading and six in pamona a at the atlantic city airport. temperatures with the wind chill will continue to drop. but tomorrow morning you step outside as you go to school, to go to work wind chills around philadelphia and areas to the south in the single digits. northwestern suburbs wind chills dropping 5 degrees below zero and lehigh valley up through poconos wind chill dropping as low as 10 degrees below zero. bundle up. please be careful tomorrow morning. use caution. the main highways should be okay, but expect ago lot of areas of black ice on the secondary road. also just walking around you have to be careful. parking lots, driveways and sidewalks, anything untreated that hasn't been dried from the wind will be freezing solid. a lot of black ice and frozen slush. i'll talk about when temperatures will warm up and track another chance of snow on the way coming up in the full accu weather forecast, jim. >> of course, you can follow the frigid temperatures on six
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the hourly and seven day forecast ara veilable around the clock so check in, before you head out. please join the "action news" morning team starting 4:59:30 to find out if there are anymore road closures or school delays caused by icy conditions. in other news at this hour two women were shot early tonight in the tioga nicetown section of philadelphia, women are shaking their heads over the age of the alleged one of the shooters. "action news" reporter kenneth moton is live at north west detective, kenneth. >> reporter: jim, northwest detectives here of been trying to sort through this one all night. they have been questioning several suspects including a with man and her 13 year-old daughter. philadelphia police had a messy, violent situation on their hand on this tioga nicetown street. two cars pull of women and children when shots were fired from one into the other. >> just chaos, people running they are putting babies in the police car. a lot of people yelling and
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screaming. >> reporter: investigators say it started in a laundromat math inside this shopping center at fox street and roberts avenue. police say would the man were arguing over a machine but the rage continued after both groups left. investigators say around 5:00 p.m. on the 2600 block have of roberts shots were fired from this suv, carrying three women and a 13 year-old girl. the bullets hit this ford five hundred and inside were two women who were struck and several young children who were uninjured. but in a bizarre, ebb more scary twist police say, a witness on the street told them that 13 year-old was one of the shooters. >> it is very unusual for a 13 year-old to be a shooter in a shooting in a crime such as this. however, we have an independent witness was questioned, thoroughly. >> reporter: before the women were transported to the hospital, they gave police information on the the suspect's vehicles which they were able to quickly find and stop while investigators
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waited for warrants to search for weapons officers check the nearby brush. they took everyone into custody, including the 13 year-old girl. >> i mean, kids are just shooting guns. kid are walking around with guns now? that is horrible. >> reporter: sources say police are looking for a fourth female believed to be in the suspect's suv at the time of the shooting. the victim 127, the other 28 were taken to temple university hospital and they are expect to recover, jim. reporting live outside northwest detectives tonight kenneth moton for channel six "action news". >> thanks, kenneth. also in philadelphia gunfire claimed the life of the 23 year-old man in germantown tonight. police found the victim with the gunshot wound to the back of his head, on the 5900 block of magnolia. he was pronounced dead at einstein medical center. there have been no arrests, in word on a motive. a man who almost three weeks ago told "action news" that he was shocked by the death of his supervisor, has been formal willly charged with her murder.
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police say 36 year-old randolph sanders has confessed to following and shooting kim jones as she waited for her bus in north philadelphia. according to investigators sanders wanted to stop jones for turning him into steel $40,000 from the child advocacy agency where they work. former pennsylvania treasurer rob mccord will plead guilty to two counts of extortion. court papers filed today include a plea agreement signed by mccord and he will event their plea february 17th. mccord released this video message last week apologizing for his actions. he acknowledged telling two potential contributors to his gubernatorial campaign last year that they should give him money if they wanted to do business with the state. two unions protesting at the pennsylvania convention center have lost another round. the state's labor relations board has dismissed complaints of unfair labor practices, filed by carpenters local
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eight and teamsters local 107. the the convention center offered new work rules last may, for four of the six unions signed new contracts but the carpenters and teamsters balked. more than 100 people have contracted the measles in an out break that now has spread to 14 states and mexico. doctors and even the president of the united states are saying please vaccinate your children. "action news" reporter sharrie williams is in the the "action news" big board sharrie the the fact that the vaccination against measles is a subject of don't now and the governor of new jersey has become part of that debate. >> reporter: he ace monk those, several prominent republicans, jim, weighing in on this issue. this measles epidemic has become a concern of public safety affecting families coast to coast. there are 18 new case these week with one case in central pennsylvania. new today rand paul and governor christie both made comments about vaccinations that are causing a stir.
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critical point in the measles out break as cases continue to spread, the the debate on vaccinations is front and center. >> all i can say is we vaccinated ours. >> reporter: new jersey governor and possible 2016 presidential candidate chris christie, telling reporters he chose to vaccinate his children but he followed that statement by saying parents should have a choice. >> there has to be ape balance. it depend on what the vaccine is, what disease type is and all of the rest. i do agree you have to give people the option and we have to have a balance in considering parental concern. >> reporter: christie made the comments while touring a company in england that makes vaccines. the governor though later walk down from those statements about having a choice issuing a statement that said there is no question that kid should be vaccinated. in california the epi center of the out break a day care in sent a monica closed down after a child tested positive for measles and concerns tonight in new york after a college student sick with the
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virus traveled on a penn station. also speaking out on vaccination u.s. senator rapd paul who says he thinks that they are a good idea but that doing it is a matter of freedom. >> i heard of many tragic cases of walking talking, normal children who wound up with profound mental disorders after vaccines. but i think the parents should have some input. the the state doesn't own your children, parents own the children, and it is an issue of freedom. >> reporter: health experts are concerned that this matter of vaccinations could be a political football but the director of the cdc says the research is there and study after study that the approved vaccinations are safe and effective. jim, the cdc says the science of any major side effects just isn't there. >> thanks, sharrie. still to come on "action news" tonight new taxes and transportation all part of president owe bam's 4 trillion-dollar budget plan for america. plus the wrong side of the
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law, today was a philadelphia police officer in handcuffs. on health check doctors explain why it might be a bad idea to go the extra mile in your exercise routine cecily. wind chills have dropped down into the single will digits. i'm tracking warmer air on the way as well as some snow ill will's have details in the ago you you weather forecast. and brian taft joins with us a special report. >> jim region prepares for visit with pope francis this fall, preparations for his arrival are in full swing. that is true in the place where he is expected to stay while he is here, up next we will take you inside and back in history to a similar visit 35 years ago. imagine fit had been the eagles losing to the patriots on that botched play in the super bowl? ducis rodgers hears from michael nutter tonight the when "action news" continues.
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twenty-eight year-old philadelphia a police officer brandon ruff was the one in handcuffs today. prosecutors claimed that he used a fake name in august when he tried to surrender three guns to the 35th district including one that was stolen. a struggle ensued and police say they found another loaded gun in, his waist band. ruff claims he was injured and filed a federal lawsuit. his attorney says ruff was arrested as retaliation by the department. president obama a wants to increase taxes on the wealthy and use the money to pay for tax relief for the middle class. that was the main thrust of his 4 trillion-dollar budget sent to congress today. the plan is a 6.4 percent increase over this years estimated spending. he wants to increase capitol gains taxes and close inheritance loop holes to raise $320 billion over ten
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years. wow use gas taxes and one time tax on corporate earnings overseas, to fund an almost 500 billion-dollar public works program to repair highways bridges and transit systems. much if not most of obama a's budget will be doa at the the republican controlled congress. the official dates are set, the excitement is already beginning to build. we are talking about the world meeting of families and the pope's visit to philadelphia a on september 26th and 27th but 1 of the questions yesterday to be definitively answered is where the pope will stay but chances are very good that he will stay in the seminary on city avenue and brian taft you were given unusual access. >> we were, and trust me, when i say in where is excitement more palpable. at saint charles seminary young men are busy preparing for the priesthood. they are also preparing to possibly host the pope. a different pope once visited
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once before and within man was there that night tells us, it was a magical moment. this rarely seen video tape has been, taterd by time. >> i remember great emotion. >> reporter: for those there to see the holy father. >> reporter: memory is unblemished. >> to have him, you know, shake my hand. >> reporter: it was 1:00 a.m. october 3rd, 1979 when pep john paul, ii came bound go into the main chapel at saint charles seminary in wynnewood. for this young man studying for the priesthood at the time it still conquers up deep emotion. >> to go behind the alter and pray. >> reporter: his name is timothy senior now bishop senior who has fate or destiny would have it now runs the very same seminary and preparing for prospect of another papal visit. >> that were to happen we would be working around the
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clock to get the place in shape report report bile all accounts it likely will happen. when pope's travel they stay with the local archbishop in this case, charles chaput who lives here on the second floor of the seminary a's main building, security concerns restrict any filming of the resident but these are the private steps that the pope would use to get there. while we could not go up we were granted the first ever television access to other parts of this sprawling 75-acre, 650,000 square foot complex with my guides. >> here in philadelphia, we could really use this visit. >> reporter: ryan and eric, two seminary students who are more than eager about their impending papal encounter. >> an amazing opportunity that we realize that not many people get. >> reporter: thinks where seminary some 160 priestness training come to study. the library which houses tens of thousands office rare books and bibles dating to the middle ages.
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and, this is where they pray. cameras are not usually a allowed in the seminary daily mass with the students coming together at 4:00 each afternoon. it is a solemn stunning experience. there is also the basics like a dining hall and a gym for the seminary basketball league but few things stoke curiosity of those who visit this place as much as this, which has never been filmed before. this underground tunnel connects two of the seminary a's main buildings and was once the longest the in the country outside of the pentagon. the fact that even made a seminary an answer to a trivial pursuit question but beyond the unite sites and sound that made this place so incredible those who live hearsay it is really all about the experience. >> really the years spent here are so formative, in the only for things that we learned but who we have become. >> reporter: one more piece of trivia, in addition to the
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pope john paul the second, three other popes visited but before they were popes they were pope pius the 12th, paul the the sixth and benedict xvi, who is of course, still alive and pope emeritus. jim, a a truly extraordinary building. so many nooks and cranny. we have posted a slide show with much more on six >> pope francis has long been a scholar and a teacher for many, many years in buenos aires and elsewhere in argentina wow love the opportunity to meet the the student in philadelphia jesuit priest back to his teaching roots. on health check at 11:00 you can get too much of a good thing or can you. we all know jogging and running can be great exercise but it turns out you don't to have train for a marathon to get the bend benefits. a danish study found goldie locks zone was one to two and a half hours a week at the a moderate pace. after 12 years, researchers a at copenhagen heart study
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found no longevity difference between couch potatoes and people at the fastest pace, more than four days a week. this all sound counter intuitive, perhaps to us, but that is the study and we thought it was interesting. >> if you are planning to go running tomorrow outside you really want to be careful. a lot of the sidewalks are icy, a a lot of black ice. storm tracker six live double scan showing we have dried out, the problems falling temperatures and the winds really whipping tonight. action catch taking a look at ben franklin parkway. you can see those flags are blowing. we have win gusts of more than 50 miles an hour, earlier this evening. wind are beginning to diminish somewhat. temperatures are falling fast. our high was 41 degrees at 4:00. by 6:00 we have dropped a full 10 degrees. we are down to 24 degrees now. by 6:00 a.m. fill will a will be down to 16 degrees. that is a 25-degree drop in
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only 14 hearst abe it feels colder because of this, the wind gusts, fill at current wind gust is 30 miles an hour. we were stronger this evening. wilmington and millville 32. trenton 26. allentown 26 miles an hour win gusts. wind chill makes it feel like nine in philadelphia two in trenton. six at ac airport. five in lancaster. wind chill in allentown just as cold as poconos zero. the satellite six with action radar showing high pressure is building in, from the the midwest and this will bring us loads of sunshine tomorrow but brutally cold a air for your morning commute and as i have been saying since earlier this evening, the the possibility of that black ice, so secondary road especially the bridges, overpasses, and the sidewalks, drive ways, temperatures remaining in the teens for your morning and the afternoon high won't even get close to freezing. 28 degrees the the high. despite load of sunshine. wind chills near 20 and then
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on wednesday, we will get a pretty strong surge out of the south. so temperatures 46 degrees, not bad but this is all ahead of the arctic front that will rip through on thursday. that will bring us colder air and a round of snow on thursday morning. so the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast a little bit of the roller coaster ride of temperatures. the tuesday brisk and cold, 28 degrees. wednesday we will bump up to 46 degrees. the thursday back down to 36 with that chance of snow and future tracker showing it looks like timing could be a a problem. not expect ago lieutenant of snow a coat to go 2 inches but that will be occurring during the morning commute. that can cause the problems for your rush hour. behind that system on friday back in the deep freeze 26 degrees before we bump backup to 38 degrees on saturday and then on sunday, possibility of rain or snow, temperatures in the the 30's and behind that system on monday temperatures still below normal with a high of only 36 degrees. we are in the very progressive pattern where we will get the
11:24 pm
a shot of cold air but up like last year when it stuck around for days it is within day shot that things change very quickly. >> jimmy kimmel live coming up at 11:35 right after "action news" and here is jimmy with a preview of tonight's show. >> thanks, jim hello philadelphia look at what we have made just for you tonight. >> weather in new york city right now is like a young brittany spears pretty hot kind of gross
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sixers on the road in cleveland tonight. >> cleveland is at a different level than the sixers. a lot of teams are. four weeks ago sixers stun the calves, one of the few bright spots of the season. granted cleveland was without stars lebron james and kyrie irving. both of them all-star place. calves riding a ten game winning streak. samson idolized lebron. sixers within five. lebron, steals samson's pass. james with 18 points, 11 assists. kyrie irving is really good. this is a sick move. sixers lose 97-84. mcw sits late with a chin injury but they keep an eye on it. second guessing was almost immediate and it is still ongoing. the seattle a's decision to throw a ball within a yard of winning a super bowl will be discussed a long time. seattle has second and goal with one of the best running
11:29 pm
backs in the game with marshawn lynch. a pass, why why, why. mvp tom brady says outcome was never in doubt in his mind. well maybe a smidge. >> i felt like we were going to win the whole game, and then they made that catch and then i a hat the a little bit of doubt and we made a great play. >> patriots continue the tradition that began in 1987. they went to disney land. as foresee hawks they return home to some cheers. everyone was watching that game yesterday including our local celebrities. >> can you imagine if that was the eagles, and they lost the super bowl that way. >> i don't even want to imagine that. given the nature at times of our fancy think that we'd have to have serious protection for a few folks. >> just an incredible high and low and you feel for all of those guys. it is great for the patriots but foresee hawks you can't
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imagine pain you are going true. >> something else. still ahead a high school buzzer beater. the plus flyers trade in their skates for fashionable bowling shoes.
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the flyers are off until thursday, and the way they are playing that might in the be a good thing. thursday against islanders they will be looking for their fifth straight victory. tonight a little r and r for a good cause. claude giroux foundation bowling event was held in lucky strike in center city tonight. money raised benefits charity including chop, and meanwhile flyers are creeping closer to a playoff spot. >> i think we're definitely improving our chances with the way we are playing lately. we have to keep it up. we know we have a big hill to climb you but we are up for it. camden high hosting camden catholic. tied at 44.
11:34 pm
time running out. camden catholic courtney cubage at the buzzer catholic wins it 46-44. drinks on him tonight. nothing stronger than a cool aid or doctor pepper. >> thanks, ducis. timely, ladies night in north philadelphia temple university opened its gym doors for national girls and women in sports day. for 29 years events like this have encourage girls to get active. temple athletes hosted clinic allowing local youth to explore new sports. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. jimmy's guest ron, eva longera and music by zz top. "action news" continues at 4:30. what is so funny? zztop do you like that. for the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- super bowl champion rob gronkowski. eva longoria. and our first "mash-up monday" from wee-z top. with cleto and the cletones. and now, let's get to it, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: all right, very nice.


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